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Sloane Jumpsuit

Sloane Jumpsuit


-Style: Wide Leg Jumpsuit

-Fit: Semi-Fitted

-Color: Dark Blue

-Closure: Back Zipper & Corozo Neck Button

-100% Cotton, Raw Denim

-Made In NYC


What is so special about Raw Denim?

Raw Denim, or dry denim, is unwashed denim. Therefore, it is rich in its original indigo dyes and is a prized possession of many denim lovers. As beautiful and treasured as Raw Denim is, its dye tends to bleed/crock easily.


Click HERE for KCV's Standard Size Chart



Simplified Measurements: Choose "Custom" under Size and enter the required information in the simplified measurement box. Please use cm/in to indicate which form of measurement is used.

  • Height: Barefoot. If wearing with heels, add the heel measurement to height.
  • Neck: Measure around the base of your neck.
  • Bust: Measure around fullest part of bust.
  • Underbust: Measure around the area just beneath the breast tissue.
  • Waist: Bend side to side and measure around the part where it creates a natural crease.
  • Hip: Measure around the fullest part of hip. This will most likely be around the fullest part of your butt.
  • Thigh: Measure around the fullest part of upper thigh. Take the measurement of the larger thigh.
  • Sleeve Length: Slightly bend your elbow then measure from the tip of your shoulder down to the bottom of your wrist bone.


Advanced Measurements (Recommended):

1. Purchase with size "Custom".

2. The link to the measurement form will be on your Order Confirmation.


Create a KCV Account or Log In.

Go to "My Account"

Scroll down to find Measurement form and submit your detailed measurements there.


    Fabric: Raw Denim.

    Neck Closure Button: Corozo


    Click HERE to see this information.

    Thank you for supporting ethical, sustainable, and slow fashion!

  • CARE

    As beautiful and treasured as Raw Denim is, its dye tends to bleed/crock. To care for this garment, avoid overwashing &

    Hand-Wash/Soak in Cold with a detergent that preserves dark dyes.
    Air Dry.
    Warm Iron if needed.
    Do not store with light colors when damp.

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